March 7, 2018
Submetering Services from TUS

Submetering – A Proven Method for Reducing Property Utility Costs

Submetering, long used in the apartment industry, is increasingly being adopted by community associations as a method for controlling utility costs. Submetering decreases property consumption statistically by fifteen to thirty percent. It shifts the burden for utilities from the community to the individual consumer, which provides a strong financial incentive to conserve costly and diminishing resources.

What is submetering? Submetering is the installation of individual meters in each of a community’s residences for the purpose of measuring specific unit consumption. This allows private billing companies to invoice each household directly for the costs associated with actual usage. It is most commonly applied to water and sewer, although other utilities may be submetered. Submetering came into existence because of advances in technology that allow remote reading of meters to be located inside private property.

May 28, 2020
Pouring Water

Controlling Community Water and Sewer Expenses

What can an association do to control the consumption and cost of water in its community? There are three areas to consider: unit water consumption, common area water, and reducing the volume of sewage assessed.