Will the cost of water decrease in the future?
Will The Cost of Water Decrease In The Future?
July 31, 2020
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November 5, 2020
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Submetering - Is It Worth The Investment?

Submetering a building usually means measuring water, gas, and electrical usage below your utility billing. Meaning recording usage data for individual buildings within a multifamily apartment, condominiums, apartment complexes, individual tenants within an apartment building, individual systems within one building, or even individual devices within one facility.

Submetering services is the new gold standard for utility metering or RUBS because of its potential for increasing the sustainability of building operations by reducing waste and cost, changing user behavior in positive ways, and improving operations efficiency.

As National Science and Technology Council on Submetering of Building Water and Power Usage states:

Numerous case studies provide evidence that the ROI [on installing submeters] can be significant...Further, submetering provides the necessary infrastructure for more advanced conservation and efficiency techniques.

So, why isn't everyone rushing to adopt this new resource-saving technology?

Submeters don't do anything to lower energy use or save money. It's the data gained through the metering that allows money-saving changes to be made over the long-term.

Acquiring new technology that needs an initial investment and doesn't have a direct, immediate return is unattractive to some building owners and managers. However, case studies of early adopters show that long-term savings accrue in multiple ways and quickly displace the installation costs.

Early adopters of water submeter have seen the highly cost-effective impact and major savings in costs. Despite the investment, the submetering eventually pays for itself and adds value to your business and building. Contact us today at 1-888-696-3837 and speak to one of our experts about installing water submeters and how it will positively impact your savings.