What is Utility Billing?

Learn how you can save money on your property with our utility billing program
1What is utility billing?

A utility bill is a detailed invoice, issued and paid once a month from utilities, including electric, natural gas, water, and waste. Utility bills for consumers and businesses are basically structured the same; businesses simply have many more accounts and charges to monitor than consumers.

2How often are invoices generated?
Monthly (approximately every 30 days)
3What consists of a utility bill?

Generally, utility expenses include electricity, gas, water/sewage, and garbage disposal. Sometimes, other services such as the internet, cable TV, and phone services are considered to be additional utilities since they are now considered standard in most American households.

4How to save money on your utility bills?
1. Consider energy-efficient light bulbs. 2. Switch to a programmable thermostat. 3. Optimize your window coverings. 4. Use low-flow fixtures. 5. Make your appliances work smarter. 6. Unplug your electronics. 7. Contact your utility company.
5Can I access my account on the Think Utility Services website at any time?
Yes, access is available 24/7.
6What are free methods of payment?
Checks and money orders are always accepted. Additionally, most banks offer online bill payment services as a benefit of being an account holder. As a tip, it takes several days for these payments to reach Think Utility Service. Please allow enough time to make payment before the due date.
7Can my invoice due date be changed?
The due date on an invoice is dependent on the date the invoice was generated. All invoices for a community are generated at the same time each month. To change an individual due date, all the invoices for a community would have to be generated on a different day. Think Utility Services can only make changes to a communities generation date, or the length of time given to pay, at the direction of Property Management or an Association’s Board.
8Can I be put on a payment plan?
Think Utility Services, Inc. invoices and collects payments on behalf of a multi-family community. Ultimately, all outstanding balances are owed to the community you live in. Consequently, we cannot offer a payment plan unless it is requested by Property Management or an Association Board. Additionally, a payment plan will not prevent late fees from accruing.
9Is it possible to trace my Think Utility Services invoice?
Yes, all invoices are bar coded and can be traced to every USPS location where it is scanned. The invoice can no longer be traced when it is placed with a local mail truck for final delivery.
10Why does my invoice have two sets of meter readings with different usage values?
This usually indicates that your home has two meters that are being read. Occasionally, two water meters must be installed to capture all water consumption. This would result in two sets of meter readings. Likewise, you may have one water meter and a gas or electric meter that are being read.
11My Property Manager says that I appear on their Think Utility Services Aged receivables (AR) report. What does this mean?
An AR report lists all accounts with overdue balances. If your name appears on the report, it means you have an overdue, unpaid balance. It is provided to every community monthly.
12How does a person set up their utility services from us and who do they contact?
Generally, it is the responsibility of your Property Management to notify Think Utility Services of a move in or move out. To ensure you receive timely service, please feel free to complete the Customer Service “Contact Us” page by clicking the Sales/ Customer Service Button at the top of this page. A representative will contact your property management to confirm the information. Please leave a contact e-mail or telephone number in the event that we require additional information. Please note that a condominium sale may require a copy of the HUD1/ ALTA.