Why Submeter Condominiums?

Utility submetering is the implementation of a system that allows a condominium association or other multi-tenant property to bill tenants for individual measured utility usage by making use of individual water, gas, or electricity meters for their relevant utilities. The smart meter process provides an opportunity for building owners to shift their rising electricity costs to tenants who lack ownership or control over the thermal efficiency of the structure, its insulation, windows, and major energy-consuming appliances. This not only provides cost certainty for a community, but it will also result in cost reductions. It is proven that when residents are presented with their actual consumption levels, those who have had wasteful habits and tendencies will make an effort to reduce their utility consumption.

There are four main areas for a community to consider when deciding to get started with submetering: Legality, Installation, Technology, and Billing. To learn more about these factors, please read this blog article by our COO, Roger Ross.

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