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May 11, 2021
RUBS or Submetering. What is best for your property?
RUBS vs Submetering
July 23, 2021

Three Ways To Have Better Multifamily Utility Billing

Lower Administration Costs

A good way to improve your multifamily billing is to reduce your administration costs. There are several things you can do to lower the costs of tasks that are associated with managing in-house billing. With increased efficiency and greater convenience, you’ll be well on your way to saving money and time. The most effective ways to lower costs is to meet with your tennants and customized billing services. The right set of tools will put you on track to lower the resources you’re using for billing while also creating a better system.

Detailed Reports

Don’t let your reports go unchecked. With a thorough billing system, you can see summary reports and property portfolio breakdowns in real-time. Stay on top of everything with a pre-billing report, summary report, regional cost comparison, and also a resident billing history report. By using this expansive billing system, you can forecast future expenses, and calculate better utility for your entire community.

Using Bill Pay Technology

Bill pay and bill pay technology makes your life better. The entire purpose of utility billing is to relieve hours and hours of the burden from your team’s tasks. Bill pay includes a variety of benefits that can help to ease your entire process. These benefits can include utility account transfers, year over year reporting, month over month reporting, utility logs, usage, expense trackers, and so much more. Using an effective utility billing system will remove stress and allow you to accomplish everything that you need for your multifamily utility billing.