Pennsylvania Utility Billing and Submetering Services

Think Utility Services soon mastered the re-piping process and proved to be a leader in the industry with more than 100,000 units during that time. Think Utility Services, as an expert in re-piping and water consumption solutions, quickly responded to real estate owners/managers concerns in multifamily utility services. Our field experts bring practical as well as technical knowledge and expertise to our submetering program. By installing and servicing our own systems, we meet and exceed the needs of the submetering industry and our Property Owners/Managers.

Think Utility Services offers submetering solutions for owners and managers of apartments, condominiums, offices, retail stores, manufactures, RV parks, mobile homes and new development. Our first priority is to efficiently recover utility costs through the application of submetering measurement technologies. Get in touch with us for all your water utility needs.

We provide water, gas, and electric submetering services all over Pennsylvania from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, and more. Think Utility Services also provides utility billing for all customers that can be designed specifically for your establishment. Please fill out a form for more information from our professional sales team.

Submetering Apartments

We've been submetering apartments for over 60 years in Florida. It’s easy to implement submetering at multifamily buildings and other property types in Florida to Pennsylvania. Think Utility Services can provide water, gas, electric utility service to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and more. Our submetering process has proven to reduce property consumption 15% – 40% by making tenants responsible for consumption.

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Submetering Condominiums

Think Utility Services offers code-compliant submetering systems for Condominium and Townhome communities. From system design and installation to monthly meter reading and billing and ongoing service, we handle everything so you don’t have to! We take care of the submetering system installation, billing solutions, collections, owner, and tenant billing. We guarantee the lowest submeter pricing and the fastest lead times in the United States of America.

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Submetering New Developments

Wireless monitoring of each resident’s water usage empowers building owners, new development buildings, and managers to bill accurately, and fairly, depending on the residents’ actual consumption. Utilities represent the single largest controllable cost in a rental-housing, new development, and commercial properties. Submetering can help decrease utility costs significantly. Submetering offers huge advantages for apartment buildings in any state. Learn more today about submetering your building.

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Quick Fact

Studies identified 75 benefits of digital water metering. Of these, 57 were potential benefits to the water utilities and 40 were of potential benefit to customers. From that 22 benefits were common to both customers and water businesses. - Think Utility Services Inc.
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Pennsylvania State Submetering Policies

Families and renters in Pennsylvania deserve the comfort in knowing that they are not being overcharged when they pay for utilities. With modern metering and billing methods, we can ensure that tenants are not being taken advantage of when they heat, cool, or use electricity in their homes.

for this reason, I am introducing legislation to provide for billing methods for renters: ratio utility billing systems (RUBS) and submetering. RUBS is a formula that the landlord uses to determine a flat rate for utilities, which is then included in the monthly rent payment. Alternately, submetering is when each apartment has its own meter for utilities and the tenant pays that amount, either directly to the utility company or to the landlord. Source: Pennsylvania House of Representatives


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