Thinking About Retail Center Submetering?

Retail, Commercial, Industrial Properties – The retail/ commercial environment is unique, and requires a specialized skill set. Think Utilities understands this and offers services from on-staff plumbers to billing programs designed to account for all utility expenditures.

Meter discovery – Meters that have been misidentified or are being read incorrectly can cost thousands of dollars in lost utility income. Think Utility Services will audit all meters and confirm that they are capturing the intended unit’s water, and are being read accurately.

Tenant billing – One size does not fit all. From collecting directly from tenants to integrating with Property management software, Think Utility Services has a custom solution to fit your need.

Accounting – Some centers require the distribution of utility charges across all tenant accounts using metered values. Others require monthly alterations to the utility structure. Think Utility Services offers account management with monthly customization.

Submetering system installation on condominium Submeters and Service